Sustainability and the careful use of resources is becoming more and more important to us. Our thoughts and actions are greatly influenced by the responsibility to preserve nature and the environment for future generations.

In our student canteens and bistros, we produce the food as sustainable as possible in accordance with the possibilities and requirements of large-scale catering. This also includes a correspondingly modified purchasing policy and a logistically adequately organised service.


From the region – for the region

For us, the use of regional food means a high level of traceability and gives us the possibility of focusing on local farmers and producers to develop valuable long-term relationships with them. In addition, regional food is authentic because e.g. vegetables and fruits are harvested ripe in season. Short transport routes to the retailer and thus to the consumer means shopping in a climate-friendly way. In this way, the added value remains in the region, creating and maintaining local jobs.


Some examples of regional products we use:

Münsterlandknolle (Münsterland potato)
The 'Münsterlandknolle' is a potato grown in accordance with special standards in the Münsterland region. The decision to use this local speciality was an easy one because in addition to the quality criteria - texture and taste - the ecological requirement for regionality and a cultivation according to RLM guidelines is also met. (RLM = Regionale Landwirtschaft Münsterland e.V. is Münsterland’s regional agriculture association)


Milk and dairy products from regional sustainable production

Every year, we process and consume around 70,000 litres of milk, 35 tonnes of quark and 20–25 tonnes of yoghurt in our student canteens, bistros and cafés. What could be more natural than to work with a regional producer who themself produces according to the criteria of sustainability? kintrup We have found them in the farmer 'Große-Kintrup' from the farming community of Kasewinkel in Münster.


We use fresh eggs from free-range farming


In our canteens and bistros, we use only free-range shell eggs as part of our participation in the nationwide animal and consumer protection project 'Käfigfreie Mensa' (cage-free student canteen). We cover our liquid egg requirements with producers who keep their hens in a barn system.



Ecological coffee consumption

Goodorigin_ButtonWe only use 'good origin' in our bistros to guarantee our guests an ecological coffee experience. From cultivation to processing to trade, the coffee is produced according to standards that sustainably improve the working and living conditions of the coffee farmers in many areas. Also, environmental protection in particular is taken into account and at the same time the highest organic quality is guaranteed.


Vegetarian and vegan
Every individual can have a positive impact on the climate, the environment and on their own health by reducing their consumption of meat and seafood. In line with demand, we are constantly expanding the range of vegetarian and vegan dishes in our menus. Please look out for the logos:  vegan vegan  and vegetarisch vegetarian.


Cooperation with the Münster University of Applied Science’s Institute for Sustainable Nutrition and Dietary Science (iSuN)                                                                                       

In order to prevent food that can still be used from being thrown away, we took part in a research project on the reduction of wasted goods in out-of-home catering. The aim is to reduce food waste, save costs and increase resource efficiency. We implement the solutions developed by the Institute and thus counteract food waste in a targeted manner. Currently, we are participating in the project NAHGAST. This project involves the development, testing and dissemination of concepts for sustainable production and consumption in the food service sector.