FAQs Accommodation and Corona

FAQs regarding Accommodation

  • Is it possible for program students to terminate the contract immediately on a specified date, due to the postponement of the lectures?

    You have signed a rental contract with the Studierendenwerk Münster.  The suspension of the lectures does not mean that the lectures will not take place at all and the rental contract must be cancelled as a result. Immediate termination is not possible. The contractually agreed notice periods apply. But even in this case, you should contact your corresponding administrative employee directly to find solutions for a desired early cancellation of the rental contract.

  • What are the rules for shared apartments?

    If you are living together in a shared household, of course you can continue to do so. Please be considerate of each other depending on the size of the shared apartment: hygiene and prevention of infection are top priority these days. Avoid social and physical contact with other people outside the shared apartment to minimize the risk of infection.

  • Is it possible to terminate the contract immediately on a given date, because I am not allowed to enter Germany?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible in general. The contractually agreed notice periods apply. But even in this case you should contact the corresponding administrative employee directly to find solutions for a desired early cancellation of the rental contract.

  • Do I now have to pause my contract if I'm going back to my country?

    I’m an exchange student and live in a student residence. I am really sorry, but due to the coronavirus I have decided to go back to my home country. This is an official decision by the university and me. Unfortunately,  I still have an existing tenancy agreement. Do I now have to pause the contract?

    Your rental agreement will continue until the specified date. Please inform us when you return to your student residence. The rental contract cannot be interrupted. Please contact our Student accommodation.

  • How does my move-in work?

    You will receive your key from your property manager. Please call your property manager about 2 weeks before you move in to make an appointment. The meeting point for handing over the keys is your future dormitory.

  • How does my move-out work?

    Please make an appointment with your property manager in good time. Please note the deadlines stated in the rental agreement / general rental conditions. The property manager will then carry out the inspection alone. After the inspection you will receive an acceptance report.

  • I can not pay my rent anymore. What now?

    I am a working student, but due to the current situation, my employer has suspended me until the end of this pandemic. This means that I will not be paid at least until the end of the following month.
    Therefore, I wanted to ask if the Stw Münster could support the working students, for example by not charging any rent?

    If you have financial difficulties, this is of course unfortunate but also understandable due to the current situation. According to the rental agreement, you can apply for deferral of a monthly rent before the due date (before the rent is debited). This means: If you e.g. rent for the month of May, the written application (also possible via email) must be submitted in April. To do this, contact our Student accommodation. Please contact our Social Counselling for further help, too.

  • My rental contract changes on the next month. Given the current situation, am I allowed to move?

    Everyone is required to keep contact with people outside of their own household to an absolute minimum. It is not explicitly forbidden to conclude a rental contract and to hand over an apartment. It is important to consider whether you have to move now or if this can be postponed to a later date. If that is not possible, you must ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 m between the tenant and the landlord or any other people when handing over the apartment. The common hygiene rules (do not shake hands, wash your hands) should be strictly followed. Under no circumstances should “friends and family” be involved in the move unless they are members of your household.

  • I canceled my rental contract with you, but I want to stay now. Is that possible?

    My contract ends on the end of the month, because I wanted to move out/leave. Due to the current situation, I will stay here and continue to study. However, my room has been rented to another tenant at the beginning of the next month. Can I keep my room anyways? Alternatively, could you offer me another room at the beginning of the next month? Can I move to another room/student residence?

    If we have already rented the room to another tenant, you cannot stay in your room because there is a legally valid rental agreement for the room with the next tenant. Please re-apply via our homepage and speak to the responsible administrative employee once your application has been confirmed. It is possible that there are still rooms available in the student residences due to cancellations of program students. However, due to the current situation, we cannot guarantee whether it will be possible to move into the rooms by the beginning of the next month or a few days later.

  • Can I move in earlier?

    I was supposed to move into a student residence of the Stw Münster on the beginning of the next month. However, I fear that due to the curfew I will not be able to move. Nevertheless, I definitely will have to move out of my current apartment, as the next tenant will be moving in that day. I would like to know, if it is possible to move into my room at the student residence before the next month? I would also like to know what happens, if I am not allowed to move in due to an official curfew? Is there a possibility of a rent reduction for this time period? In addition, would the caretaker be at the student residence at all for a possible handover of the room? At the moment, many people are not working due to the current situation.

    Your rental agreement does not start until the beginning of the next month. It is therefore not possible to move in earlier, because the previous tenant will not move out until the end of the month. A planned move is not prohibited by the current exit restriction. However, the following should be noted here: under no circumstances should “friends and family” help with the move, unless they are members of your own household. A removal company may also carry out the move, as professional activities are permitted. Currently, the caretaker is available for the handing over of the rooms. Please contact the caretaker, the accommodation service or check our website before you go to your university location to do the handover of your room.

  • I feel sick and am unsure whether there is a corona infection. Whom can I contact?

    If you experience flu-like symptoms, please contact your family doctor or the medical on-call service immediately by phone or email (Tel. 116117).

    The city of Münster has set up a hotline on Corona: Tel. 02 51/4 92-10 77 (Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
    For the deaf: Fax 02 51/4 92-79 27
    For everyone who prefers to write rather than make a phone call, or in the event that the telephone hotline is busy, there is the email address corona@stadt-muenster.de.

    Should you agree with the authorities, e.g. If you need help, e.g. due to language barriers, we are happy to support you! In the event of a precautionary quarantine or a positive finding, please also report this to the responsible property manager.

  • My neighbor / roommate has Covid-19. Can I reduce the rent?

    No. The illness of a flatmate or a neighbor does not constitute a defect in the rental property and therefore no reason for a rent reduction.

  • I have a lease on the beginning of the next month but cannot move in due to the Corona crisis. What now?

    I have a rental contract with the Stw Münster at the beginning of the next month for a single apartment. It is not possible for me to move to Münster, due to the current coronavirus situation. The deposit and the total rent, however, will be debited from my account at the beginning of the next month . This is a lot of money for me and I am not willing to pay it if I am not able to move in.
    In the meantime, lectures at the university have also been suspended and there is a high risk for my own safety and the safety of others, if I come to Münster.  I do not want to travel to the university location for the time being. This is a problem, because on the one hand, the caretaker would have to hand over the keys to the apartment to me and on the other hand, we do not know how the situation in Münster will develop. I would like to work out a solution with you, as under normal circumstances, I am still interested in studying at the university.

    Lectures have only been suspended by the universities and our rental contract runs at least until your regular termination option. It is possible that lectures will be resumed during the semester. A cancellation of the rental contract is therefore not an option at the moment. The liability to pay the rent and the deposit is regulated in the rental contract. If you arrive later, this is your personal decision. In any case, the apartment is at your disposal.

  • I am an international student and want to find out about a possible trip home. Where can i do that?

    Please contact your German university before going home. If you live in our student dormitory, please contact our dormitory administration.

    The Federal Foreign Office of the German government keeps you up-to-date on current travel and safety information: