Where can I pick up a BAföG - application form?

The most important facts...

How can the application be made?


When should the application be submitted?

As early as possible.

  • The initial application after enrollment.
  • The subsequent application at least two months before the end of the previous grant period.

(As a rule, a new application must be submitted every year. A new application must also be submitted after a change of subjects or when taking up another degree programme (e.g. Master's degree).)

Retroactive approval is not possible and processing may take a very long time.


What must be observed?

  • A handwritten signature or the use of the eID function of the ID card are no longer required, it is sufficient to handwrite or print your own name at the end of the document.
  • Supporting documents (e.g. tax assessment notices, rental agreements or certificates) should not be submitted as originals.
  • Stapling or stapling of documents should be avoided.


Further information

  • Forms (external link in german)
  • FAQ (external link in german)
  • Contact (internal link)