Classified ads

Instructions for creating classified ads

Here’s how it works: First click on “create classified ad”. Simply enter your offer or your search request in the appropriate fields. You can choose which section your ad should appear in by selecting “type” and  “category”. You can choose from Search/Offer and “Jobs/ Miscellaneous/ Accommodations”.

You can upload pictures and link your ad, but you cannot upload files (PDF etc.).

Then click on “classified ads overview”.

Finally you can examine your ad once more and, if necessary, change it if you are not satisfied with it. When you click on “save classified ad”, the ad will be forwarded to us so we can examine it. We hope you will understand that the examination of your ad – especially if it is placed outside our office hours – may take a little longer.

If you have problems preparing your ad, please feel free to contact us.

We reserve the right to reject ads – which are evidently dubious, immoral, or which glorify violence or contain pornographic content – without providing reasons. There is no right to publication.