Registration & Deregistration

  • Conditions

    In principle, all parents who study in Münster and are matriculated can register their children for the ‘Kita Tausendfüßler’. In addition there are 9 places that are available for non-students.

    In the ‘Kita Chamäleon’, children of students as well as the children of the employees of the Westfälische Wilhelms-University and children of the residents of the catchment area can be enrolled.

    The ‘Zwergenstübchen’ is an emergency care facility which is open for all parents, although the children of parents who are students or employees of the universities are initially given priority.

    The large day care centre, Die Lütten von der Boeselburg, is located in our residential complex in the Boeselagerstrasse. This means that the children of students are given priority as concerns residency rights.

    For the registration of a child it does not matter regarding the studies whether the parents or one of the parents is enrolled in a programme toward a second degree, a doctorate or is taking a semester off.

    When registering the child, however, matriculation documents must be submitted. They have to be updated at the beginning of every semester.

  • Bookings

    Child care centres ‘Kita Chamäleon’ and ‘Kita Tausendfüßler’
    Since January 2014 all bookings in Münster are made via  Kita-Navigator:
    Please register there first and, if applicable, specify your status as a student.

    ‘Kita Zwergenstübchen’
    Basically a registration of your child is possible at any time, depending on the number of children at the centre, and should be made 14 days in advance. At the moment, however, because of the great need for child care in Münster, it is difficult to make places available at short notice. Please register in time, we have a waiting list. If you are offered a place, make sure you have time for your child to settle in and become familiar with the new environment.

    Die Lütten von der Boeselburg
    A personal registration is necessary at the office of the large day care centre. Please contact Ms. Carina Niehaus and Ms. Christiane Jürgens using the following contact details:

    Großtagespflege „Die Lütten von der Boeselburg“
    Boeselagerstr. 75 B
    48153 Münster
    Phone: 0251 – 74 86 70 62



  • Deregistration

    If a child is to leave the daycare facility before the end of the care contract, the period of notice is six weeks to the end of the month that is planned.

    In order to deregister a child, simply hand in a short written termination of the childcare contract.