Students (in general)

As the social services advisory service, we are the right place to come to for students at all tertiary institutions at all stages of their studies, as well as for those interested in studying, parents of students, teachers and also graduates and alumni.

Our counselling offers support in all areas including social assistance. It’s also free and of course it’s confidential. Our staff are there to help you in a crisis. We can assist by providing support, we can help with making decisions as well as provide help with orientation, and in accordance with our philosophy of helping you to help yourself, we are here to facilitate your independence and your ability to achieve your goals as a student.

Some of the things we can counsel you on are:

  • Enrolling and starting your studies or finishing your studies and graduating
  • General tertiary and social legislation questions
  • Finances (various support measures referred to elsewhere such as free meals, loans, children's meal card)
  • Accommodation
  • Personal and social problems

Come and see us when you have something on your mind, even when you think it’s not that serious. Early counselling can help to prevent you having to extend your studies or even drop out of your tertiary studies.